It’s been 18 years since Sisqo‘s hit “Thong Song” dominated the airwaves — but the singer recently revamped his classic track all for LeBron James. TMZ reports that the singer was approached by Colin Cowherd from FS1’s “The Herd” about remaking his 2000 classic in support of LBJ for MVP. Sisqo obliged at first, it […]

Welcome to another great week of Love and R&B! Tonight we’re going to continue the Summer Mini Concert Series with music by R&B group Dru Hill. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Dru Hill rose to fame in the late 90s. They sold millions of records after releasing two successful albums Dru Hill and Enter the […]

Wednesday's laugh-fest began with Martin and the panel taking a look at the wild fashions on display at this year's Grammys.

Sisqo isn’t just from Dru Hill; he’s also from Baltimore. The singer decided to take to his Instagram to show his support for the tragedy…

Bey Teases Platinum Edition Box Set Of “Beyoncé” Are we really about to drop $50 on the same “Beyoncé” album Beyoncé released earlier this year…

Dru Hill held a listening party for their new album, InDRUpendence Day.