Black Friday is known as a day of deals to start off the holiday shopping season. And while a lot of retailers mark items to the lowest price of the year, some deals are better if you wait. Before making a list of things to buy while on your Black Friday adventure, there are some things […]

It appears George Zimmerman has done anything right from the beginning of the Trayvon Martin case until now. Today, new reports have surfaced about an alleged ‘oversight’ in the bond process. The neighborhood watch volunteer did not disclose that a website had raised more than $200,000 for his defense, even though his family told the […]

One Florida family unwittingly helped serve a very expensive meal to their dog — $1,000 in cash — and then forced the pet to cough it up. “I just think this is hilarious,” the dog’s owner, Christy Lawrenson of St. Augustine, Fla., told a local television reporter on Friday. She laughs now, but it was […]

Naomi Campbell’s been on a campaign to raise funds for her Fashion for Relief organization, and her efforts have paid off greatly, reports The supermodel visited Dolce & Gabbana’s London flagship store to hand over a generous 94,000-pound check (about $151,000) to Red Cross for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. Campbell called on […]

Eva Longoria’s Eve nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip has been shut down for an indefinite and likely extended period – but her attached Beso restaurant remains open. Beso LLC, the company owned by Longoria, has been operating in bankruptcy since Jan. 6 as it tries to restructure $5.68 million in debt and perhaps attract […]

If you were your dad’s boss, how bad would he have to screw up before you fired him? What if you thought he was stealing from you? When Beyonce fired her father in March we were left wondering why — after all, he had been her manager since she was a teenager. Now, because of […]

Morning talk show host Regis Philbin decided to leave his long-running show because of a salary dispute – not because he was getting too old as he had told viewers. According to reports, his decision left co-host Kelly Ripa shocked and the production team furious. The decision to leave came after Philbin’s agent Jim Griffin […]

Shakespeare wrote that loaning money to a friend is a good way to lose both friend and money. So what do you do when a relative hits you up for a quick cash infusion? CNBC Network recently reported that 41% of the households in America are living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings. […]

It has taken 15 years for a decision to be made, however, the Supreme Court yesterday ruled that Anna Nicole Smith’s estate gets not one single penny of J. Howard Marshall’s $1.6 billion fortune. Anna Nicole Smith was a 25-year-old stripper that went by her original name of Vickie Lynn Hogan when she met 85-year-old […]