Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney has suggestions for improvements of city schools. Stoney is proposing an increase in the city’s meals tax to fund school renovations and new construction. Stoney says a one-point-five-percent increase in the tax will generate more than nine-million dollars annually. An increase in the meals tax would allow the city’s debt capacity […]

  Starting today, McDonald’s workers are earning more money. About 90-thousand of the fast-food giant workers are earning an average of eight-dollars and 25 cents an hour. That’s one dollar more than the federal minimum wage. McDonald’s announced at the beginning of spring that it expects to increase the average pay for U.S. workers to more […]

  Governor Writes: “I remain very concerned about the affordability of post-secondary education for the young people of Virginia…..I need your leadership now in holding down in-state tuition and fee increases.” RICHMOND – Following General Assembly passage of a biennial budget that provides over $230 million in new funding for Virginia’s higher education system, Governor […]

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The United States Postal Service announced a stamp price increase from 44 cents to 45 cents last fall, and it took effect Sunday. It’s the first increase in the price of stamps since 2009. The USPS is losing billions of dollars annually, closing offices and says it must increase prices to keep up with new […]

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Some Netflix customers called it a slap in the face. Others a betrayal. Many threatened to drop the movie service. On Wednesday, many of them vented on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, seething over Netflix Inc.’s decision to raise its prices by up to 60 percent for the millions of subscribers who want to rent DVDs […]