Marie Holmes, the North Carolina mom who won a $188 million Powerball lottery jackpot last year and has spent millions bailing her boyfriend out of jail, now has legal challenges of her own.

Rude advisors at Kennesaw . Smh pic.twitter.com/ugcX4gnIsp — KB (@IamKB_) May 14, 2015 Video showing a Kennesaw State University employee telling a Black student he…

A third woman considered filing a workplace complaint against Herman Cain over what she deemed aggressive and unwanted behavior when she and Cain, now a Republican presidential candidate, worked together during the late 1990s, the woman revealed Wednesday. She said the behavior included a private invitation to his corporate apartment. The woman said he made […]

We’re sure at one time or another every female has come across unwanted, harassing attention while walking down the street from men. From the cat calls, to the “baby can I talk to you for a minute” and the dreaded touching, we really don’t know why men think that they have a right to leer […]

// Model Vanessa Lopez has hired lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her in a harassment case against Shaquille O’Neal. According to RadarOnline, following a five year torrid on-again, off-again affair with NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal, Vanessa Lopez thought she was pregnant with the basketball player’s child, which prompted O’Neal to allegedly begin harassing her. According […]