Fairfield University students held an off-campus ghetto-theme party. School officials launched an investigation and are organizing racial sensitivity training.

Awards season for students is usually a joyous occasion, but one Texas family was livid to find that their son received something called a “Ghetto Classroom Award.” Two…

A new technology designed to help pedestrians avoid bad neighborhoods has some smartphone users up in arms. They have dubbed it the “Avoid Ghetto” app. A new Microsoft technology that may help users avoid “unsafe neighborhoods” is generating controversy. The feature, which will reportedly be part of future Windows phones, takes into account weather and […]

Whenever you hear the word ghetto immediately you associate it with sadness, negative stereotypes and death. A dark shadow is cast on anything identified as being ghetto and anyone from that environment is also deemed to have the same characteristics. I’m not here to defend everything that happens in the ghetto. Yes, much of it […]