Happy Hour laws in Virginia could be changing soon if approved by the governor. Lawmakers in the House and Senate voted on Wednesday to loosen up regulations around how bars and restaurants can advertise their happy hour. If the bills are signed into law, these establishments will be able to use creative marketing tools to […]

Lawmakers in Virginia’s General Assembly will return to the state capitol next month to work on the two-year spending plan for Medicaid expansion. Lawmakers could not agree on a plan earlier this month. Governor Ralph Northam is pushing for Medicaid expansion in the state’s budget. Northam during his budget announcement on Wednesday says his budget […]

In Virginia General Assembly news, a House bill that would expand the state’s DNA database to include those convicted of misdemeanors is moving forward. John and Sue Graham believe their daughter’s killer would have been imprisoned for other crimes before he met Hannah Graham and killed her in 2014 had the database been expanded. The […]

    On Wednesday, January 13, legislators from around the Commonwealth of Virginia will head to Richmond for the 2016 session of the General Assembly. Senators and Delegates will represent you so check in on them by taking an active role in the legislative process.  Some frequently asked questions “Who is my legislator?” “What bills are being […]

Governor Terry McAuliffe is calling a special session of the Virginia General Assembly to correct Virginia’s congressional district lines. The scheduled date for the session is August 17th so lawmakers can fulfill court orders to redraw the state’s congressional map by September 1st. A panel of judges ruled last month that the lines must be […]

The Virginia General Assembly 2015 session ends in eight days. Lawmakers in both the House and Senate want hundreds of bills signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe by July 1, 2015. Racing at Colonial Downs ceased operation in 2014 after a 17-year run. Bills are being passed in the Virginia General Assembly to help get horse racing back on […]

Is the legalization of Hemp possible in Virginia? Republican House of Delegate member Joseph Yost says ‘why not’. Delegate Yost plans to introduce a bill for the 2015 legislative session that would legalize hemp farming. The crop is illegal to produce in Virginia because of its close relationship with marijuana, but the proponents say it’s […]

Could the conviction box  be excluded from state employment applications? Senator A. Donald McEachin championed SB250 “Ban the Box” a bill that would remove the felony conviction box on state employment applications. Senator McEachin said, ” I am very excited to move forward with this legislation that will give offenders an opportunity to receive an interview, explain their […]

UPDATE: Virginia lawmakers are expected to vote on the “electric chair bill” that would make electrocution the option if the Department of Correction’s lethal injection supply runs low. The bill, HB1052, passed in committee and the House and will head to the Senate for a vote this week.  The “Washington Post” reports, that if this bill passes […]

There are two topics in life that most people want to keep private and they are “political party affiliation” and “religion.” Now, this is not the case at this year’s Virginia General Assembly. Delegate Mark Cole (R-Fredericksburg) has introduced HB55, a bill that would have registered voters  identify their political party affiliation on a voter registration application. […]

  The 2014 General Assembly Session is in through March. On Monday, following testimony from veterans, anti-gun violence experts, and victims of gun violence, the Senate Committee on Courts of Justice voted to reject SB 520 with a vote of 6-9, with all Republicans opposed.  The bill SB520 would have effectively created universal background checks […]

  Virginia Lawmakers will unveil their support for year-round schools. According to several school districts across the United States  and abroad year round schools work well.     From Danny Friedman: Who: Senator Donald McEachin, Senator Marsh, Delegate Robin Dance to be joined by Delegates Yost, Hodges, O’Quinn. The legislators will be joined by representatives […]