Don Cheadle

Actor Don Cheadle has been a leading man in Hollywood for a long time. He’s had star turns in hit films like “Out of Sight,”…

The ladies of ABC’s The View had lots of questions yesterday for Don Cheadle about his provocative show House of Lies, the hit series now in it’s second season on Showtime. During the interview, Don Cheadle, a recent Golden Globe Award winner, answers questions about his cut-throat, sex-crazed character and what it takes to make […]

Actor Don Cheadle realizes he’s best known for dramatic roles in such films as Crash, Hotel Rwanda and Traffic. But he finds it odd that so many viewers aren’t expecting to see him flex his comedic muscles from him in his new series House of Lies. “I do it all the time around my friends,” […]

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Notorious director George Tillman Jr. is developing a feature film about jazz great Miles Davis. The project will compete with Oscar-nominee Don Cheadle’s own plans to make a Davis biopic, which the actor has been trying for years to get off the ground. Both projects have the blessing of one […]

Don Cheadle is definitely busy now-a-days. Cheadle’s doing promotion for The Guard, released in theaters July 29, and upcoming films The Avengers and Iron Man 3, due out next year. He’s also filming a lead role in the new Showtime comedy House of Lies. Through all the projects, Cheadle is still fighting to get the […]