dana dane

Ed Lover, Monie Love, Chubb Rock, Kwame and Dana Dane gave fans exactly what they wanted at the Official CIAA Legends of Hip-Hop show at the Charlotte Convention Center during the CIAA Tournament week. It was one of the most fun shows with dance-offs, sing-alongs and more. Take a listen and see if you remember […]

  Everyone thinks their music is better than the current pop music. Eric Sermon spitfire last night as he excoriated T.I., Eminem and others during the Legends of Hip-hop show.

A hip-hop party isn’t a party unless there’s a dance competition. See Monie Love school everyone on the Hammer dance. Please don’t miss the hilarious white guy about halfway in. Loved his rhythmless enthusiasm.

Chubb Rock’s intro to “Treat Me Right” was odd to say the least, but hey we love when our celebrities pause for the cause. BTW: The random woman yelling is Monie Love.

The Over Thirty Thursdays party continues with Dana Dane at Vibrations. We’ve partied so far with Chubb Rock, and DJ Kool. Don’t miss this month’s…

News One

  Well after some quick research I found out that Roxanne Shante, sued Warner Music and used the money from the law suit to fund her education. She is now Dr. Roxanne gaining her Masters and Phd in psychology from Cornell University. Dana Dane is still rocking the radio air waves with an old school […]