Comedian Chris Paul

  11/28/16- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul is calling Donald Trump ‘y’all’s President’ and why for a Cleveland Browns fan, the most dangerous place is to be in the pocket. You’ve got to hear this one!

  11/23/16- What is Comedian Chris Paul thankful for? Kanye West made the list, but you’ve got to hear why! Listen above!

  11/14/16- What is the first thing Donald Trump has done since being named the 45th President of the United States? Comedian Chris Paul reveals what new jobs he’s directly responsible for.  

  11/9/16- It’s a somber day now that Donald Trump has been named the 45th President of the United States and Comedian Chris Paul is feeling it. Listen to his take on the historic election.

  11/3/16- Comedian Chris Paul is dishing on the KKK’s endorsement of Donald Trump, why black folks will look at you funny if you buy Neiman Marcus’ collard greens and much more!

  11/2/16- Click the link above to hear what Comedian Chris Paul says the is the official shoe of white privilege and find out what NFL player was behind it!

  11/1/16- Comedian Chris Paul says that Cam Newton’s stylist should be fired and find out who he thinks threw out the sex toy at the Buffalo Bills game.  

  10/31/16- Comedian Chris Paul is revealing just how blind Bill Cosby is, plus find out just how important this year’s election really is. Listen above.

  10/27/16- Why won’t Justin Timberlake get in trouble for posting a ballot selfie? Comedian Chris Paul has says he knows why! Click the link above to hear the funny!

  10/26/16- Is the state of Mississippi banning Donald Trump? Is he also fighting Dr. Jill Biden? Comedian Chris Paul says yes! Listen to the funny above.

  10/25/16- Who will win it all? Comedian Chris Paul has an idea and he’s comparing it to the famous family that occupied the White House twice. Listen!

  10/19/16- Comedian Chris Paul reveals why Bill Clinton may need to wash his hands. Also find out why he says you don’t have to pay black people to eat.