Check out these hilarious callers discussing their horrible neighbors and bosses! Have you ever experienced anything similar? We want to know about your neighbors (or bosses) from hell, too. Join the conversation below on the message board. RELATED LINKS: The Michael Baisden Show Rewind: Iyanla Vanzant on Domestic Violence The Michael Baisden Show Rewind: Real […]

Does love really conquer all or should we also look at our relationships as businesses? The Michael Baisden Show crew checks in with callers on this hot topic and here’s what many of them had to say about where they stand even on valuing love over the other important qualities that make a great relationship. PART […]

Love might be in the air this season as we prepare for Valentine’s Day, but what happens when there is no apparent love – especially when it’s not genuinely from the people in your life that should really care the most? Michael Baisden took time on his show this week to discuss the concept of […]

Kids still say the most interesting things sometimes, don’t they? Check out these kids talking about their parents being hypocrites on the most recent edition of The Michael Baisden Show. One child said his grandmother frequently goes to church, but then curses when she gets home. Find out what else you might want to watch […]

Yesterday on The Michael Baisden Show, a 12-year-old boy named Latrell called from Orlando, FL to speak with Michael Baisden and the crew. Latrell reluctantly told Michael Baisden that he and his mother were homeless. Since then the Michael Baisden Show staff has gone the extra mile to reach out to the young boy’s mother, […]

The hot topic on The Michael Baisden Show this week has been infidelity, cheating and what happens when couples experience the various levels of reconciling, rebuilding their trust in each other or if they simply move on with their lives not looking back. Listen to these interesting calls from people who agree and disagree that […]

As TANK continued his recent interview with KISS FM’s own KJ this week, a few fans were able to get through the line to chat. Watch below to hear the questions and the answers from some of TANK’s biggest fans who called in on the speak one-on-one with him. Was your burning question asked during […]