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In a rap/astrophysicist beef no one saw coming, B.o.B and Neil deGrasse Tyson engaged in a heated online conversation regarding theories about the shape of planet Earth.

This is day number two in the federal corruption trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. A lawyer for former First Lady of Virginia Maureen McDonnell said her marriage was in trouble with former Governor Bob McDonnell. He said the marriage was “broken down.” Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and wife, Maureen have been indicted […]

News One

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and  wife Maureen are scheduled to be arraigned today in Eastern District Court in Richmond on federal charges in connection with the gift corruption scandal. The former First Family are accused of illegally accepting 140,000 dollars in loans and gifts in exchange for favoring the business of a major campaign donor. Attorneys […]

  Friday, January 24 is arraignment day for past governor Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen. On Tuesday, the McDonnells were indicted on 14 counts each concerning a gift giving scandal. U.S. Magistrate Judge David Novak Wednesday denied their motion to delay their initial appearance. McDonnell’s attorneys sought the delay for Friday, January 31 because they […]

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen have been on indicted federal charges approximately 9-days after leaving office. The  forty plus pages 14-count indictment alledges that McDonnell and wife Maureen accepted expensive gifts and loans in the corruption scandal. The former first couple of Virginia are charged with illegally accepting gifts, expensive vacations and […]

Former Governor Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen have been indicted in the gift scandal. The McDonnell’s allegedly received thousands of dollars in gifts from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.  What did Williams received in return for the gifts? A federal investigation is underway. View the full story courtesy of NBC 12

Start the process of getting your rights restored with R4F for non-violent felony offenses online. Also, R4F will assist those with violent felony convictions. We encourage you to bring your sentencing orders, proof that fines/restitution are paid in full and proof that probation has been completed. R4F will provide and will assist with the 5-year application. […]

    Governor Bob McDonnell announced on May 29, 2013 that his administration will grant automatic restoration for nonviolent felons on an individualized basis.  McDonnell believes in second chances and therefore will make the process easier.     Are you eligible for automatic restoration of rights for a nonviolent felony offense? *Must have completed your […]

One of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s twin sons was arrested and charged with public intoxication. His son 21 year old Sean McDonnell was arrested Saturday at 1:19 a.m. according to Charlottesville Police. Sean McDonnell was arrested on foot while walking on Wertland Street near University Corner, which is located across the street from the University of Virginia campus. […]

  Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell announced on Wednesday at the Cedar Street Church of God that he will grant automatic restoration of rights for nonviolent felons on an individualized basis. Candidates for the process must complete sentence, probation and parole; payment of all court costs, fines, restitution, and completion of court-ordered conditions,and have no pending […]

Virginia highways and railways will get makeovers. Governor Bob McDonnell signed HB 2313, the transporation bill into law this week and immediate action is underway. The Richmond region will receive 148-million for rail projects and 774-million for highway construction, including 62-million for improvements on the popular Interstate 64 – Interstate 95 overlap area in Richmond. […]

Governor Bob McDonnell has declared a state of emergency for Virginia which authorizes state agencies to respond to the impact of the winter snowstorm conditions across the Commonwealth. To report a power outage call Dominion Virginia Power at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357). Get additional storm updates at Dominion Virginia Power. Here is an excerpt from Governor McDonnell’s […]