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Start the process of getting your rights restored with R4F for non-violent felony offenses online. Also, R4F will assist those with violent felony convictions. We encourage you to bring your sentencing orders, proof that fines/restitution are paid in full and proof that probation has been completed. R4F will provide and will assist with the 5-year application.

Governor Bob McDonnell announced 8 months ago that his administration will grant automatic restoration for nonviolent felons on an individualized basis.  McDonnell believes in second chances and therefore has made the process easier. To date, Governor McDonnell has granted the civil rights of more than 6800 felons.

Are you eligible for automatic restoration of rights for a nonviolent felony offense?

*Must have completed your sentence

*Must have completed probation and parole

*Must have paid fines and restitution in full

*Must not have any pending felonies.

What offenses are considered non-violent? View the list here.

Please fill out the contact sheet here.

The Secretary of Administration has been working with stakeholders from across the Commonwealth gathering names of nonviolent felons to have their rights restored by Governor Bob McDonnell. The Rolling for Freedom Project founded by Clovia Lawrence is a stakeholder and will continue to gather names and assistance with online contact sheets of those seeking restoration of rights.

Miss Community Clooovia and the Rolling for Freedom Project are available to assist with the restoration of rights process.

@communityclo on Twitter

Clovia Lawrence on Facebook