Who knew the scent of lavender could be so helpful? Listen to the audio player to hear three amazing benefits to using lavender that may…

UPDATE: A new Veterans Identification Card has been released by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The veterans ID card will allow “vets” to get free admission to amusement parks, discounts at restaurants and other special offers. Veterans may apply for the the new ID card at any Deparment of Motor Vehicles across the state. They will […]

 President Obama is committed to returning troops home to their families with better healthcare, benefits for families and employment. President Obama made promises to veterans and active duty military and kept them. Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown is the highest ranking elected official in the country to have served active duty in Iraq. Lt. Governor Brown […]

Obama for America has launched Virginia nurses for Obama, a new grassroots program designed to mobilize nurses across the Commonwealth, and announced the organization’s co-chairs. The Nurses for Obama initiative is part of an ongoing effort this month to engage Virginians and discuss how President Obama’s health care reform law is benefitting them. Because nurses […]

  IMMEDIATE RELEASE: First Lady Michelle Obama announced as part of her Joining Forces initiative, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 4th Annual “Business Steps Up: Hiring Our Heros” that a range of businesses plan to hire 100,000 veterans and military spouses by 2014. Please read the good news here at Governor Bob McDonnell […]

Whenever you hear the word ghetto immediately you associate it with sadness, negative stereotypes and death. A dark shadow is cast on anything identified as being ghetto and anyone from that environment is also deemed to have the same characteristics. I’m not here to defend everything that happens in the ghetto. Yes, much of it […]