Most people don’t know much about the state of Alaska. When my mother visited, she was particularly impressed with how clean it was. She also told me wild animals are everywhere, and she actually saw moose, grizzly bears, wolves and whales. I bet you didn’t know… Alaska is the most eastern and western state in […]

My mom and I went to the zoo last week and had a great time checking out all of the exotic animals. The biggest highlight was feeding the giraffes. However, I also learned something quite interesting about the porcupine… All porcupines float in water.

Almost everyone I know has had a pet goldfish at some point in their life. It’s a common pet, however, not a particularly interactive one. The reason you don’t see many goldfish doing tricks is simple… A goldfish’s attention span is 3 seconds.</em>

Many people have a severe fear of snakes and lizards. I have had both kinds of creatures as pets and have never had a problem with them. However, for those who don’t ever want to run into these creatures, they will have to travel quite a distance. The only continent without reptiles or snakes is […]

When was the last time you watched a duck walk? It’s probably not an event that sticks out in your mind as being very memorable. However, once you read the following fact, I’m sure you’ll pay closer attention to any ducks you may see… A duck can’t walk without bobbing it’s head.

Both of my parents have always loved science so much, they became science teachers. Unlike their children, they never get tired of conducting experiments and reading all things science. I found the following fact so interesting that I called my daddy to ask him about it… A ball of glass will bounce higher than a […]

Penguins have gotten a lot of attention in the last few years. The movies March of the Penguins, Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two have made the creatures quite popular. But you may not have realized… The only bird that can swim but not fly is the penguin.

All animals have their own special way of communication. Some wild animals make the strangest movements and sounds. However, you won’t ever hear one popular zoo animal making much noise… Giraffes have no vocal chords.

The word “diet” is probably the last thing you want to hear around the holidays. Delicious, fattening food seem to be everywhere, and calling your name. Well, after you get your fill of indulging, you will have plenty of choices to help you get back on track… There are more than 30,000 diets on public […]

Plants and animals that live in desert areas are equipted with very unique characteristics necessary for their survival in such a harsh climate. Most of these special traits seem perfectly logical. However, some characteristics are considered odd. For example… A camel has three eyelids.

The Radio One Richmond Holiday Toy Drive is already bringing us all a little extra Christmas cheer as we host the three-day giving extravaganza and KMART on Glenside and Broad (far West End). Day #1 showed us just how committed our listeners can be as tons of gifts were prepared for our local little ones […]

Have you ever heard that bees have good vision? Well, they do have to easily spot all the flowers they seek to gather their nectar. The main thing that helps a bee see so well is the fact that… A bee has 5 eyes.