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Sugar Skull

Source: GoodLifeStudio / Getty

Not sure who — or what to be this Halloween?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here are 50 ghoulish ideas for the entire family!

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1. Warrior Princess

Beautiful black warrior princess holding a sword in studio shot Source:Getty

2. Cook

Future Cook Source:Getty

3. Fairy

Smiling girl in fairy costume Source:Getty

4. Carnival Women

Young women in costume for the Caribana Festival Parade, Toronto, Ontario Source:Getty

5. Hula Girl

Side profile of a girl smiling in garden Source:Getty

6. Dragon

Portrait of Boy Dressed-up as Dragon Standing in Front of House Source:Getty

7. Scary Ghost

You devil Source:Getty

8. Male Ballroom Dancer

Male ballroom dancer standing, portrait Source:Getty

9. Ballerina

Studio shot of girl practicing ballet Source:Getty

10. Carnival Man

Man in costume for the Caribana Festival Parade, Toronto, Ontario Source:Getty

11. Statue of Liberty

Portrait of a girl portraying the Statue Of Liberty Source:Getty

12. Baby Doll

Zulu Parade on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans Source:Getty

13. Tribal Doctor

African witch doctor with bodypaint in dramatic light Source:Getty

14. Princess

Young girl (4-6) smiling wearing a fairy costume Source:Getty

15. Horse Man

Horse Mask Source:Getty

16. Pirate

Excited little boy in halloween costume Source:Getty

17. Masked Man

Gold mask Source:Getty

18. Mummy

Happy Halloween-Portrait of a Mummy Source:Getty

19. Angel

Small girl just as Angel with hands praying Source:Getty

20. Female Vampire

Young Vampire Source:Getty

21. Cowboy

Little black boy playing cowboy with a toy gun. Source:Getty

22. Lion

Boy in lion costume Source:Getty

23. Mad Scientist

Young Businessman with Homemade Lie Detector Source:Getty

24. Pumpkin

Cute baby boy in pumpkin costume Source:Getty

25. 1920s Flapper

Portrait of Halloween trick or treater Source:Getty

26. Tribal Priestess

Voodoo Queen Woman Hydra Portrait Source:Getty

27. Painted Man

Voodoo Sugar Skull Spooky Man Portrait Source:Getty

28. Male Vampire

Vampire at adult halloween party Source:Getty

29. Pirate Princess

Young girl dressed up for Halloween. Source:Getty

30. Catwoman

Halloween Source:Getty

31. Favorite Movie Character (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean)

Kawasaki, Halloween parade. Source:Getty

32. Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clowns Sceaming Source:Getty

33. Ghoul

Child in spooky Halloween costume Source:Getty

34. Egyptian Princess

Young girl dressed up for Halloween. Source:Getty

35. Tiger

Mixed race boy with tiger costume and Halloween jack-o-lantern bucket Source:Getty

36. Spooky Doctor

Halloween Source:Getty

37. Little Professor

Little Professor Source:Getty

38. Witch

Halloween Source:Getty

39. Sugar Skull Ghoul

Sugar Skull Source:Getty

40. Zorro

Little boy dresses up for Halloween with dad's help. Source:Getty

41. Super Hero

Super Power Source:Getty

42. Doctor

Afro caribbean doctor Source:Getty

43. Little Tax Man

Little Tax Man Source:Getty

44. Scarecrow

Portrait of Scarecrow, African American woman Source:Getty

45. Jazz Musician

I'm too cool! Source:Getty

46. Cheetah Girl

Artistic Cat-like Pose Source:Getty

47. School Principal

Black boy wearing businessman costume Source:Getty

48. A Palenquera Woman

People Source:Getty

49. Sailor

Fright and sex appeal top Halloween costume options Source:Getty

50. Mystery Woman

Studio shot of young beautiful woman Source:Getty