From Hurricane Alex, which made landfall in Texas last night, has disrupted cleaning efforts in the Gulf of Mexico and blown more oil towards the Gulf Coast beaches and bayous.

First, we knew him as a freak of nature who lead Virginia Tech to a National Championship game as a college quarterback.  Then, he redefined the quarterback position in the NFL, leading the Atlanta Falcons to success on the field and into the playoffs.  His brother, Marcus, was a trouble maker at Tech, but Michael […]

A source of mine has revealed that Michael Jackson is supposedly releasing a new album entitled The Future. It’s not a surprise that Michael had songs recorded that weren’t released to the public. (Tupac released two or three albums after his death.) If this rumor is true it will be the 11th solo studio album […]

Via: Huffington Post Tiger Woods has a lot to deal with besides his recent below average golf game. Sources say his divorce to Elin Nordegren, is just about final and the details of the ex-couple’s divorce are a little outlandish. Not only is Nordegren getting $750 million, she gets full physical custody of the kids […]

Check out the official cover of Prince’s new album, ‘20Ten’. The free record will hit stores on July 22nd and on July 10th across Europe.

There are few current-day groups that are able to so potently harness the sheer balls-to-the-wall bombast of 70s rock and roll groups without traveling down the slippery slopes of parody or limp revivalism. Earl Greyhound is definitely an exception.

Flying Lotus (government name: Steven Ellison) is much more than just a simple beat maker. Via Here are 5 ways to tell the person you adore “I love you.” 1. – I appreciate you. 2. I want a lifetime with you. 3. I worship you. 4. I can’t live without you. 5. I’m lost without you.

If there’s one word that best describes Ben Kenney, it’s versatility.

Toni Braxton is back with her new album “Pulse”. This single, “Woman” is off of that new album. Also Check Out: Toni Braxton Works The Pole In “Hands Tied” You Might Also Want To Check Out: Toni Braxton “Make My Heart”

The Dream – Trilogy from Motion Family on Vimeo. Also Check Out: The Dream feat. T.I. – Make Up Bag

GRAND ISLE, La. — Rough seas generated by Hurricane Alex pushed more oil from the massive spill onto Gulf Coast beaches Wednesday as cleanup vessels were sidelined by the faraway storm’s ripple effects.