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It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes if you haven’t already. There are a ton of celebrities this year to dress up as. Here’s our top 9 list:

Kat Stacks: This costume is more about the voice than anything. Think how you can be the most annoying and go for it. Chop off the bangs of a bad wig and don’t forget your long list of rappers that you f*cked.

Montana Fishburne/Brian Pumper: This is the ultimate partner costume. Just get a thong, some flesh colored tights and burn cigarettes in them and there you go. If you want to be Brian Pumper just get some chains and a wife beater and stand by your girl while she shakes it.

Antoine Dodson: This is probably the most economical Halloween costume because all you really need is a black wife beater, a red bandanna and some naps to go in it. Remember, YOU ARE SO DUMB!

Drake: Now every light-skinned brotha out there has to worry about people coming up to him and saying, “I know who you are! DRAKE!” Not all bi-racial people look alike. If that’s the case then Obama should be Drake for Halloween. Try getting a wheel chair and being Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi. That’ll get you maaaad street cred.

T.I. & Tiny: Go out Bonnie & Clyde style as Tiny and T.I. Make yourselves a fake bottle of codeine and cuff your hands together all night.

Nicki Minaj: If done right this could possibly be the best costume on our list. Think bright wigs, leggings, false eye lashes, loud colors and butt pads. Build a Barbie Doll box while you’re at it. Don’t forget your crazy face too.

Willow Smith: This is a great costume for your little girl. Basically, just let her pick out whatever she wants to wear and pin her hair back so it looks shaved.

Amber Rose: Now if you really want to shave your head but have always been too afraid, this might be your perfect excuse.

Lil Wayne In Jail: Weezy doesn’t get out until November. Perfect timing.

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