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Diverse group of 7 year olds at school having fun in music class with male cheerful teacher

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As the calendar strikes September, we are in the thick of back to school season across the country. Some kids are getting their first day of school outfits ready, and some are going to school for the first time. Most kids are excited as they get to see friends and classmates for the first time in over three months. Then there are the highschoolers, who are on the brink of graduation and just want to get the school year over with.

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Our street team correspondent, DNA, went out to various back to school drives, powered by the Philadelphia School District, to ask children what is the best part of going back to school, and what makes a great teacher!

Many kids agreed that ‘getting to see my friends’ was the ultimate reason going back to school is so fun. It gives children the opportunity to build their storytelling skills as they elaborate on all the awesome things that happened on their summer vacation!

A number of students also mentioned electives/special classes being the reason going back to school was so fun. Art, and gym classes exercise and challenge the students mind and body to excel at the various projects and activities. These classes bring students happiness and allow them to reach their full potential!

Check out why students love going back to school!

DNA also asked students at another location ‘What makes a good teacher’? The students unanimously said one ‘who is nice to us’ or one ‘who  gives us treats’. But there were also a few very in-depth answers as well. One student answered “A good teacher is someone who can teach you something in and outside of the books”.

Happy school teacher and students having interesting engaging activities in class.

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Another student touched teachers being able to command respect from a classroom without being overly intimated. “(A teacher) that’s not too strict, but knows hows to keep the class in check. We don’t need students acting crazy in the class and the principal come in, now the teacher is in trouble” the student explained. “So (the teacher) needs to know how to control their students, but don’t be too mean and overdo it.”

Take a look at what the kids had to say on what makes a good teacher!


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