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Erykah Badu is not only known for her music but her vibe, presences and aura make her the goddess she is. Over the years she has not been afraid to try new styles and hair-dos. Recently, Ms. Badu shared on her Instagram, photos of her “Badu Microcosm braids” she and Yasmin Amira engineered together.

Badu says it took 30 days to complete these thin as a line floor length braids. Yes, 30 days! If you’ve braided your own hair, you understand what a commitment that is. Erykah did let us in on that more people were there to help them finish off the braids “over tea, meditation and sh** talking” as they traveled on tour.

We’ve seen this style a few times from Erykah but she has decided the next time she brings back the micro magic, she will be setting The Guinness World Record for the smallest and longest braids since the record currently isn’t held by anyone, it should be a shoo-in for Erykah. Similar records include; most hair braided in 24 hours by an individual (record: 167 heads), fastest time to cornrow a person’s entire head (record: 15 minutes), widest wig (record: 7ft 4in wide), and longest nipple hair (record: 6.69 inches).

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Badu and Yasmin plan to go for the record in 2021 and promise to keep us up to date.

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Badu Microcosmic Braids from the summer of 2015 were smallest and longest braids to date that I know of. A sacred ritual of patience, sisterhood and gentleness, a masterpiece it is. These braids are the size of the lines in the fingers between digits. I sat and braided with yas for 30 days. These braids swept the floor and looked like strands of hair. Empressive indeed . Many thought it was a lace front. No fronting in this art form. Yas engineered a very easy take down. This is the work of @yasmin_amira_ x e.badu. Yas engineered the attachment of the extension while badu braided down with her. Then after a point of completion of all braids to the hips , yas extended the braids to the floor with a village of our sister friends over tea , meditation and shit talkin as we traveled on tour. There is a specific skill set required for this type of sculpting. A soft braid is required so braider selected time braid to the floor at the end of project were carefully hand selected. I First wore these braids in 1992 . I Brought this idea to the amazing @naturallyisis challenging her to carry out my vision for micro magic. My micro by Isis braids appeared in many hair magazines in early 90s… @yasmin_amira_ and I are going for the Guinness book of world records in 2021. For smallest and longest braids. Will keep you updated . #microbraids #erykahbadubraids

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