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NewsOne 9/11 Remembrance

Source: ione Creative / NewsOne

What were you doing on this day 18 years ago?

Well, I was on the radio getting ready for my news and community updates on the Tom Joyner Morning Show when the breaking news came across the airwaves that America was under attack.

WHAT! What does this mean America is under attack? At that moment, I’m looking at the Kiss Fm in-studio television and I watched as the first plane hit the Twin Towers, World Trade Center in New York City.

As I’m watching in disbelief a second plane hits the Twin Towers. And, there is another cut-in on the news of a plane that hit the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and a plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

It was unbelievable, my GOD! Clovia “Miss Community” Lawrence @communityclo

September 11, 2001, was a mild morning for commuters heading to work and without warning our lives would forever be changed. The tragedy struck in New York City and as Americans, we felt it across the country. We watched television and listened to radio reports and could not figure out what was happening to our land of the free.

God Bless America! Clovia

Watch the 9/11 Memorial and Museum Ceremony



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