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The new comedy Loqueesha is currently stirring up tons of controversy for its “new age” form of blackface. The independent film written, directed, and starring Jeremy Saville tells the story of Joe, a white bartender that manages to secure a job as a radio DJ by impersonating a black woman.

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Joe is Loqueesha a sassy, extremely over-the-top modern-day Mammy. Yes, every single disparaging stereotype about black women rolled into one.


The official trailer was released May 10. Since then, viewers have bombarded social media with confusion, disbelief and absolute anger towards the film’s depiction of black women.

Saville tried calming the masses by comparing his film to The Wayans’ Brothers 2004 hit comedy, White Chicks. He even shared a photo of himself with Marlon Wayans on Instagram captioned, “With @marlonwayans, @LoqueeshaMovie meet #WhiteChicks. Have a great weekend everybody! Thanks for all you do. Keep laughing and lovin’. ❤️✌️”


To which Marlon promptly replied:



Marlon recently stopped by the King Tutt Show where he was asked about his thoughts on the Loqueesha film and the comparisons being made between it and White Chicks.

“There is a big difference between White Chicks and Loqueesha,” Wayans began. Rebuffing the film for its lack of research and authenticity.

“A good joke means the people that you are making fun of are laughing the loudest. Do you know who likes white chicks most?” He asked.

“White Chicks!”

Wayans went on to say that if you’re going to tell a joke and you’re going to do this type of material you need to do it the right way. In a manner where black women actually want to see the movie.

See King Tutt’s full interview with Marlon Wayans above!

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