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Speaking of drama that seemingly isn’t going to end any time soon, Nicki Minaj used the tenth episode of her Queen Radio show to discuss last month’s rather infamous fight at Harper’s Bazaar’s ICON party involving her camp and Cardi B during New York Fashion Week. And Cardi responded!

First, Nicki hopped on Queen radio and claimed that the knot on Cardi’s head from the party was from Rah Ali hitting her and not security. Minaj also said that Cardi attempted to take footage of the fight from her security, also adding she would be willing to pay anybody who steps forward with the footage a cool $100,000.

Along with claiming that the knot on Cardi’s head was caused by TV personality Rah Ali hitting her (and not security, which Cardi’s team initially claimed) Minaj says that Cardi tried to take footage of the fight from her security. She subsequently added that she would be willing to pay anybody who comes forward with the surveillance footage $100,000.

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“Rah really, really beat Cardi’s ass bad. Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah,” she said. “You went home and told people security hit you, and we let that ride for legal reasons. Anybody that wanna pull up the surveillance footage, I will give you $100,000. The minute Rah let your head up, I saw the knot on your head. We let that ride, we let so much ride.”

WELL … Cardi clapped back on IG!

“How you gon’ say I got ragged by Rah Ali when there are so many footages of that night, every single angle and where would I be getting ragged at?” Cardi says. “You need to pick a side. Do you wanna be the victim or do you wanna be a gangsta? Make sense what you talkin’! I know what there’s footage of, you standing on the wall saying “I’m right here!” Ms. Chun-Li, the Street Fighter. Get the f*ck out of here.”

Oh Cardi goes in on the “Motorsport” verse, stopped bags, payola, her number getting leaked and of course, being tired of talking about it.

And her final word? “What you need to do is stop focusing on other people, focus on yourself and focus on your craft. Cause you’re out here f*cking up your legacy looking like a f*cking hater.”

Basically, Cardi’s like — either we can talk about this like adults or we can fight it out. WHEW. What a Monday.

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