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DevanOnDeck is certainly leaving his mark in the world.

The 31-year-old art director, branding coach, and style guru has not only made a name for himself on Instagram with over 186k followers, but he’s now expanding to YouTube.


His videos range from “Top 5 Sneaker Collection” to how to take a bomb photo on IG with only a few minor tweaks.

Devan champions himself on being real with his followers, and as a husband, anime aficionado and go-to guy for creative professionals, his authenticity seems to be working out.


If you want to have major influence in your field, Devan has the secret and it might not be what you think. Check out our talk below!

Can you explain what you were doing around the time you got started on Instagram…then getting to where you are today.

2013 is when I started seeing the true potential of Instagram as a tool to communicate with other creators and companies that I aligned with. At the time, I was a behind-the-scenes digital content creator for up-and-coming menswear & sneaker brands.

That body of work led to a position as a very early employee of Snapchat, where I specialized in Men’s Fashion & Los Angeles Coverage. I built relationships with high-level men’s fashion labels and influencers — all while continuing to grow my personal brand on Instagram.

Do you feel like you’ve “arrived” in any way as far as your style? 

Not at all, my personal style is ever-evolving, though I do stick to certain principles. I’d describe my personal style as smart-casual; somewhere between dapper and street. I own more trousers than denim, yet 95% of my footwear are sneakers.


Describe your feelings or thought process when you first decided to include anime in your fashion posts?

I got bored with the status quo and boring format that you see on the gram; where everyone’s a perfect billboard with no personality.

With this inspiration in mind, I just started opening up more about who I am and my interests. I literally have no other hobbies outside of watching anime, and it’s even bled into my content seamlessly. Embracing my true self and being fearless in displaying that is the key to connecting with others and overall peace of mind.

Top 3 animes?

Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood), and Ergo Proxy

Any advice for people out there still confused on what they want to do in life?

Don’t rush yourself to have it all figured out in your 20’s. Don’t let the Internet fool you like everyone has perfect lives, because we don’t. Embrace whatever timing is meant for you and always stay true to your interests; not someone else’s dream.



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