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We start tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta with Kandi filling Mama Joyce in about all that went down in Spain, starting with the whole Brielle taking photos of bugs in Nene’s bathroom incident, and how Kim and Nene are not on good terms because of it, of course. Then Kandi dishes on Porsha and Marlo’s drama, which opens the door for Mama Joyce to inform Kandi that she met up with Porsha. As we know, Mama Joyce actually feel bad for Porsha because she feels like Porsha was manipulated by Phaedra. Kandi calls BS because she refuses to believe Porsha is that dumb. Kandi is firm in her belief that Porsha just wanted to be vindictive for the sake of winning their argument. Kandi just wants Porsha to own the situation. Until then, Kandi is cool on Porsha.

In Porsha’s defense, she did apologize, but perhaps it’s the way Porsha apologized that’s just rubbing Kandi the wrong way.


But let’s get back to Kim and Nene over roach-gate. As you know, this whole thing blew up after the Shade Room posted Brielle’s snap saying that Nene lives in a roach next. Nene considers this racist because she feels like there’s a common racist assumption that Black people live in roach-infested houses in the projects. Kim says she’s not racist, of course, and that she doesn’t see color.


But Nene thinks the entire lot of them, including Kroy, are racists. Hot mess.

One thing we can all agree on is that Brielle’s actions were shady, if nothing else.

This comes back into play when Kandi and Kim actually have a sit-down. Basically, Kim invited Kandi to reconnect because you know their friendship fell off a long time ago over payment for “Don’t Be Tardy.”

Kim rubs Kandi the wrong way during their meetup because she comes super late and then she mentions that Kroy is waiting for her. You know this is a sore spot for the group, Kim using her family as a crutch to not have to stick around with them. Kandi calls Kim out on this and she starts with the excuses again. You know—Kroy pretty much keeps her alive because he knows how to spot all her many health crises.


Anyway, at one point Kandi calls Kim out because she doesn’t like her tone. They both agree that they just wanted to have a cool conversation. Kim dials it back, and Kandi explains why Nene feels Kim was being racist. Kim actually seemed kinda receptive, but she goes into her whole, “I Don’t See Color” spiel.


And that’s it. That’s the entire pointless episode.

Next week Kenya will finally introduce the crew to her husband.


Mmmkay. Perhaps next week won’t be a snoozefest?


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