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With the rise of racially-charged incidents, many organizations are developing new ways to overcome these issues. The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation—which is dedicated to combating discrimination—recently launched an app in South Africa that will allow users to report racist occurrences, Business Day reported.

The app—dubbed the Zimele Race Report—is a platform that lets individuals log their experiences with racism. The data captured through the app will help determine discriminatory trends and decide which areas need the most attention and how local organizations can step in and help. The app was a combined effort between the foundation and the Innovation Hub.

“The idea behind the app is to aggregate data around hot spots or trends of racism‚” Zaakirah Vadi, a spokeswoman for the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, told the news outlet. “If there is a school in a certain area where we get five reports from‚ we know there is something really serious going on at that school. We will then send in facilitators [to resolve the issue]. What we are doing during the pilot phase is engaging with a range of organizations, such as the South African Human Rights Commission … so that they can deal with some of the complaints as well.” She added that the app is being used as an avenue to unify organizations who are on a mission to combat racism.

The Zimele Race Report app is currently available on Google Play for Android users only.

Many apps have been developed in efforts to provide solutions and bring awareness to pressing social issues. In 2016, developer Josh Begley launched an app called Archives + Absences that was designed to log every single police killing in this country.


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