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It’s always a good time when funnyman Guy Torry is in the building! Recently, the St. Louis native stopped by the KISS studios to hang with King Tutt. He will be performing live all weekend at Richmond’s Funny Bone.

While in the studio, Torry weighed-in on the Lil Duval controversy.

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For those that don’t know, while doing a radio interview, comedian Lil Duval was asked what he would do if he found out that a woman that he was seeing was actually transgender. The comedian joked that he would kill the individual. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over very well and ignited a media frenzy.

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“People want to pick and choose what they want to laugh at,” says Torry. The idea of what is funny versus what is politically correct has been unceasingly at odds in the realm of comedy. As society continues to try to redefine acceptable forms of satire, comedians like Torry note that a joke is funny unless it affects you. Don’t get upset about it.

“If I got Jesus jokes, ain’t nobody safe!”

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Torry notes, that it was a joke and if it wasn’t, it was still Duval’s personal opinion. If a patron is sensitive towards a comedian’s style of comedy, chose to not attend the show. At the end of the day, we all need to laugh.

“What people don’t understand about comedians is that we’re dark souls… We dark souls, but we shine for y’all.”

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Don’t miss Guy Torry this weekend at Richmond’s Funny Bone. See Tutt’s interview with Guy Torry above!


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