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Steve Harvey stays not learning his lesson when it comes to defending Donald Trump.

First he met with him, then told Black folks to respect him and now he’s insisting that #45 is keeping his promises—about affordable housing. Recently, TMZ caught up with Harvey on the street and to ask if Trump has lived up to what the two have talked about in the past.

Harvey’s response? 

“Well, I mean as far as doing he promised me to do. He’s doing it. I’m working with HUD. I’m going to get some housing for underprivileged people.”

Sir, how does being a talk show host and dating “expert” with no expertise on housing qualify you to “get some housing” for poor folks? Honestly, how are you and Ben Carson, whose only experience is growing up in a housing project, actually going to make that pipe dream a reality when you are working with a president who once had racial housing discrimination lawsuits filed against him?

Also, please explain where the money and empathy are coming from when you have an administration that believes that funding healthcare, Meals on Wheels and utility bill assistance for the poor is way too generous.

Yes, we’ll wait.

Now when TMZ asked the comedian if he was happy with Trump’s work overall in the past 100 days in office, Harvey had a slightly different tone: “I didn’t say that. All I said was he’s keeping his word to what he said he would so.”

OK, so let’s get this straight: As long as he is keeping his fake promises to you and ruining the rest of America with his nonsense, that’s all good? Thanks for clearing that up Steve.

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