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Source: colin Kaepernick / Getty

The African nation of Somalia is currently going through a famine that could affect over six million civilians. Being the humanitarian he is, Colin Kaepernick joined the ongoing fight to get the country food and water.

He told his Instagram followers, “People are dying in Somalia right now that need our help. There’s an impending famine because of drought politics, in action of NGOs, and lack of media attention. This famine will affect 6.2 million people and 2.9 million people are in need of immediate assistance. We can’t let this happen; we have to help these people.” Colin continued, “We’re asking Turkish Airlines to allow us to use a plane to fly food, water, and aid to these people. We can help create the change. We can help be the change. Let’s make this happen.”

According to a video he posted later, Turkish Airlines agreed to provide a plane for the purposes of flying food, water, and aid to Somalia. “This is a victory for the people,” the super excited athlete relayed to his followers after telling us about a GoFundMe page that was started on the country’s behalf.

Colin is currently going through his own issues, as reports surface that no NFL team will sign the former quarterback after he knelt during the National Anthem. Still, he’s focused on fighting the good fight and helping others.

Watch his call to action videos below.

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