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A 5-year-old girl from Washington State is serving up some serious #BlackGirlMagic for Black History Month!

According to Komo News, with the help of her mother Cristi Smith-Jones, Lola recently transformed herself into some of the most iconic Black women in history. Using wigs, her mother’s cellphone and few photo apps, Lola created her version of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Angela Davis to name a few.

Smith-Jones told Komo News, that this project sparked when her daughter was enthralled by a video on Martin Luther King, Jr. shown in school last month. From there, she thought this could a great opportunity to teach Lola more about civil rights and Black history.

“And it is extremely helpful that Lola truly emulates the women she’s portraying,”Smith-Jones says. “She gets into character and just nails it.”

Every day in February, Smith-Jones Tweeted the pics and posted them on Facebook:

Prior to this photo project, Smith-Jones said her daughter, who loves to dress up, was pretty shy, but now Lola has broken out of her shell.

“The idea of giving her some people who did really brave, cool things to look up to felt important to me,” she said.

“She’s shy and a little bit meek in social setting, so I thought maybe if she find out about these women who fought for rights or stood for themselves maybe she’ll learn about confidence and bravery.”

Lola’s mother is grateful to these icons for helping her daughter be more confident.

“I have these amazing women to thank for helping my daughter feel powerful,” she stressed. “I have learned much more about the tenacity and courage of the women we are featuring, and also about the importance of children having a positive role model.”


In the end, Smith-Jones is confident that teaching Lola about Black history will go beyond their series and the women featured in it.

“She’ll be able to look back at them years from now, and hopefully have fond memories, and still feel empowered,” she recently told Mashable. “Because I want her to learn more about black history than just those we feature, we talk about other significant figures, watch movies and videos online, things of that nature.”



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