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Colorism is alive and well and the daughter of RHOA ex-husband Peter Thomas is a recent victim of this type of ignorance.

A few weeks ago, model and mother-to-be Porsche Thomas posted a picture of herself in a bikini on her Instagram page. And while many of her followers sent her well wishes as she gears up to give birth to twins, sadly there were a few folks that felt it was necessary to critique her dark skin and tell her how “disgusting” her stomach looked (nevermind that skin gets darker during pregnancy).


Not one to let the tolls win, a few days later, Thomas responded with another spectacular picture of her belly as she sipped a big cup of tea. But it was caption that was priceless: “While some of y’all been in my comments criticizing the blackness that is my belly and me during what shoulda been your holiday cheer, I been over here enjoying life, growing tiny humans, performing miracles and hopefully getting even blacker.”

BLOOP! That’s what we call a clapback!

And on Jan. 7, she and her husband welcomed their “tiny humans,” August and Berlin, into the world.


Congrats Porsche!


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