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Tia Mowry-Hardrict caused a firestorm on social media after justifying her friend letting her son wear polish on his fingernails.

Tia’s friend said the school had her come down to pick her son up after he was being bullied for wearing nail polish which compelled Tia to publish an article on Momtastic blog titled “Why Stereotypes Shouldn’t Exist.”

Tia criticized the school for the action and stated: “Not only that, the teacher told him to take it off. And it’s like, okay, would you have done the same thing if it was a young girl who had on pink nail polish?”

Tia’s Instagram followers blasted her for promoting feminine stereotypes in boys.

An excerpt from Tia’s post is below:

“People should be allowed to express themselves however they want to, so long as they’re not hurting anybody else, without being judged. For example, my son’s long hair is constantly criticized on Instagram. Recently, I posted a photo of Cree and my brother having a beautiful moment together (above) but instead of people focusing on the love between them, the whole conversation was about Cree’s hair. I ask Cree all the time whether he wants me to cut his hair and he’s like, ‘No, mommy, no!’ So I’m not going to cut it. Why are people so fixated on the gender stereotype of boys having short hair and girls having long hair? I think boys are affected by gender stereotypes more than girls are. If a girl is playing with a truck I don’t feel like there will be as big of an uproar as if a little boy is playing with a doll. I grew up dancing and if my son wanted to dance and sing I feel like it’s more accepted for a girl to be a ballerina and start dancing at a young age as opposed to a boy. It really, really bothers me.”

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