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Our nation is hurting and it is time to heal us, that’s all races standing together and not one race superior to the other. Race and superiority are two components that will weaken our nation. So with that being said, I had the liberty of interviewing a local pastor while he attended the Republican National Committee in Cleveland, Ohio. Bishop Leon Benjamin is pastor of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond. He supports and will vote for Donald Trump as president. During our conversation, he said the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will do more for black people. Play audio

I’ve said this for years, “vote the issue and not the party.” The vote is your fundamental right as a United States citizen. The party you choose is your right, right? The 2016 presidential race resembles a comedy tour with both major political parties poking jabs at each other. I know you are saying this is a part of the political game. I want the games to stop and get down to the business at hand by making changes to our fragmented education system, an antiquated justice system, and the racial divide to name a few hot button topics. Let’s address this now because the American people lives are at stake from shootings by police to citizens and citizens to police.