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Artist/activist David Banner has been a vessel and promoter of Black liberation for years now, and with the recent death of Alton Sterling at the hands of Baton Rouge police, his message is right on time.

While promoting his forthcoming seventh studio album, The God Box, David stopped by Global Grind to discuss a plethora of issues plaguing American society, the Black community, and hip-hop.

When asked about the Black community’s quest for unequivocal freedom, David replied, “One of my White friends told me this, ‘Look at what White people are doing to Black people. Are they ready for war?’ In these third world countries, them folks are skinny, and hungry, and ready for war. We’re fat, and sloppy, and high. We’re not ready what America has in store for us. The crazy shit about it is, we’re sending our people to hell and not getting paid for it.

“Revolution is when they don’t know it’s coming. Revolution is when they don’t tell you where to protest and what time to protest,” he continued. “For me, the real revolution is when we have the power to get our people together without assistance from the same people who’s oppressing us.”

David also touched on the emergence of hip-hop’s glorification of drug culture, “The molly and the Xanax is a fad…our kids are now the dope users. That’s the ‘cool’ sh*t. Where do they do that at? And it’s our fault. It’s my generation’s fault, because we didn’t instill something different. It’s because there are no strong men around to say no.

David’s forthcoming LP The God Box is due out August 19. In the meantime, watch his enlightening interview up top.

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