Clovia and Iyanla Vanzant: Make Candidates Work For The Vote [VIDEO]


Iyanla Vanzant and Community Clovia talked about the craziness of election 2016 during an interview at Transformation Expo 2016.

No vetting you don’t know what you are getting. I believe you vote the issue and not a party. Your vote is your voice, your right and power.

The vote is your fundamental right in America. A ‘no’ vote from you is a ‘yes’ vote for the candidate you don’t want to hold public office. Seats are up for grabs in Congress, at least 11 represented districts in Virginia. The primary is Tuesday, June 14, 2016. The deadline to vote in the primary is May 23, 2016. Register to vote, check your voter status and poll location just click here.

Don’t complain about it, fight or get mad about it, pray and vote about it! Clovia “Miss Community” Lawrence of Radio One Inc.