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In a two-day special titled, Miss Universe: The Truth, Steve Harvey was finally given the chance to apologize face-to-face to the two Miss Universe contestants he infamously mixed up for title of the crown.

The women, who have both publicly forgiven Steve, did not appear on the show together, but both expressed similar sentiments in relation to the incident.

Formerly Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the actual Miss Universe winner, appeared on the special first and told Steve, “Steve, don’t beat yourself up anymore, let’s move forward.

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez, the woman who he mistakenly called as the winner at the pageant, offered up some much-need comedic relief: She thought it was a joke — at first.

Ariadna said, “You have to learn how to read cards, because it was on the card!” Adding, “You wanted me to win.

Steven jokingly agreed, saying, “Yeah, that’s it! I wanted you to win. I’m off the hook now, that’s it. I can leave it at that.

It’s great both of the women were so understanding and forgiven.

Although both women accepted Steve’s multiple apologies, many of the fans weren’t so forgiving.

Steve said of the entire catastrophe, “My family got death threats, I have people camped outside my house,” he added, “My kids can’t go anywhere.

Hopefully the fans get over the mishap soon, because Steve is set to host the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

This time, we’re sure he’ll be triple-checking the cards.


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