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The Golden Globe Awards may have confused one of last year’s big winners, Gina Rodriguez, with another famous Latina actress, but she’s not sweating it.

America Ferrera, who also took home a Best Actress Golden Globe as the adorkable Betty Suarez in the ABC television hit, Ugly Betty, was on hand this week as a presenter for the Golden Globe nominations ceremony. Unfortunately, the Golden Globes Twitter handlers confused her with the star of Jane the Virgin.

But Gina isn’t sweating the small stuff. The actress, who is nominated for another Golden Globe in 2016, told EW: “I didn’t hear anything until recently someone sent me an article, but who cares?” she said. “America’s lovely. She’s so beautiful and such a fantastic actress. If there’s anybody I want to get mixed up with, it’s her for sure.”

Gina’s a total class act for her reaction. But let’s set the record straight: both are known for being lovable television characters, both are critically acclaimed, and both deserve their own shine.

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