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Friends exercising together

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I’m back at it again, Community Clo versus Kenya Sarai in a circuit workout this Friday at DNA Fitness. Since the kids are out of school why not play…

Watch my video from the last Community Clo and Kenya Sarai workout….Mommie always win

Be good to your body and your body will be good to you….Community Clo

I want to live a healthy and happy life for self, family and community. Your new life of eating clean to stay lean and not being mean starts now.

Since school was out for students in Henrico County it was only fitting for my mini me to join me at DNA Fitness with Fitness Coach Kecia Allen today. My eight year old Kenya said, momma I am going to workout with you today. I replied, we have to get to the gym by 4:30 a.m. and she said let’s do it…

Watch a snippet from our 4:30 a.m. workout with Coach Kecia Allen at DNA Fitness