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Project Give Back to Community, Inc., is a non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia that was founded in 2015 to allow prisoners and former prisoners to give back and contribute positively to their community. Our primary work is to prevent crime and make our community safe through communication of positive messages via public service announcements (PSAs) and through myriad actions of giving by prisoners and former prisoners to their community. We understand the motivating factors behind many criminal acts; consequently, we are well-positioned to dissuade and discourage the commission of those acts. We pray that our understanding and wealth of experience will stand us in good stead as we embark on our mission through this platform to make our corner of the world a better place for all.

On this platform we dream big dreams. Dreams that promote peace, safety, and security in the Commonwealth of Virginia; dreams of a community that is free of substance abuse; dreams of united families, dreams that change gangs of violence into gangs of peace and law-abiding citizens; dreams of an economically buoyant community; dreams of a world without incarcerated children; dreams of a justice system that is fair to the poor, just to all, and color blind.

Play (PSAs) delivered by prisoners in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections. The name of each prisoner appears directly above their message. Thank you to Radio One Richmond and NBC 12 Richmond for being the first media outlets to promote the PSAs.

So grateful to give back to the community. Clovia Lawrence and Oludare Ogunde