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Gabrielle Union is setting the record straight on why she requested husband Dwyane Wade sign a prenuptial agreement. While most people commended Gabby on not being all about D-Wade’s coins, seeing as though he does make tremendously more than she does with him being a NBA player, some question the logic behind it all. Before the newlyweds got married, word came out the Miami Heat star conceived another child with a longtime friend. According to both Wade and Gabrielle, the two were on a “break” when the relationship between the shooting guard and Aja Metoyer started. After the revelation of Wade having a son came to light, he and Gabrielle announced their engagement with many deciding after Wade’s indiscretion, surely he wouldn’t have the Being Mary Jane star put her John Hancock on the dotted line of a pre-nup right? I mean she did forgive him for what he did (even if they do claim it was while they were on the outs) with Gabrielle channeling Tammy Wynette to “Stand By Your Man”, so he’d never ask her to do such a thing.

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It turns out Wade didn’t but Gabrielle did. Now we know Gabrielle’s making her own money and while her bank account can’t shade Wade’s at a game of “which is bigger,” many wondered why she would make such a decision given Wade’s revelation of fathering another child. Gabrielle talked with Access Hollywood earlier this week where she explained she sought to have a prenup created to protect her assets. Gabrielle stated:

In the first marriage, I lost a lot of money to someone who was not necessarily supportive. ‘You weren’t in the gym shooting with me’ or whatever, you weren’t on set, you weren’t learning my lines, you weren’t getting up early with me. And when it came time to end, I had to give up a lot of money. And it really made the love feel very conditional. I never wanted to have that feeling again. And I would never want anyone else to feel the love wa conditional based on stuff.

I got my stuff, you got your stuff, you’ve got your career, I’ve got my career. Now let’s take that off the table and build something together.

Makes sense to me. Watch the video below.


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