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I want to challenge you this morning to open your minds and to think differently. I want you, regardless of how bad your circumstances might be, to not think of yourself as a victim. I ask because something I read recently challenged some of my own beliefs. In fact the article is titled “A Challenge to Our Beliefs.”

It was written by Thomas Sowell an award winning writer, American economist, social theorist, political philosopher and author, who happens to be African American. Sowell writes from a libertarian and conservative perspective. But this is not really about ideology, it’s about facts.

So, here we go.

Sowell starts by addressing the issue lately of black students scoring far below white students on standardized tests and the different ideological explanations as to why.

He uses a new report from England published by the distinguished “The Economist” magazine as an example of why many may need to rethink their current beliefs.

The report took a look at low income black children of immigrants from Africa, low income children of immigrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan, low income children of black immigrants from the Caribbean and low income white, English children.

Victims in America: Is it Reality or a Social Construct?  was originally published on

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