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RICHMOND, VA. (RADIO ONE KISS FM):  The African Children’s Choir has been sharing their talented voices and bright smiles and the beauty, dignity and hope of Africa. The choir is making another round of concert tours in Virginia, here are some of the locations.

Wednesday, July 7pm, at Calvary’s Love Ministries, 118 South 11th Avenue, Hopewell, 804-541-8300.

Friday, July 19, 7pm, West End Baptist Church, 6506 Boydton Plank Road, Dinwiddie, 804-733-9331.

Sunday, July 21, 11am, Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, Richmond, 804-266-9696.

Friday, August 9, 7pm, Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, Bristol, 804-276-669-6168.

For more information on these performances visit www.africanchildrenschoir.com or  facebook.com/africanchildrenschoir@acchoir.