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Well, it is clear that Jay Z just took the game to another level yet again. Going platinum before your music comes out is a new high for an industry that mostly cries about not being able to move units. As many of you know, Samsung reportedly paid $5 for each of the 1 million albums it plans to give away to Samsung Galaxy smart phone users for free, 72 hours before the album’s official release. The music will be streamed via an app and be unveiled later this month. In response to this game-changing announcement, Sean Carter took to Twitter stating,  ”Ok that was my yearly allotment. See ya’ll 2014.#newrules #magnacartaholygrail.” And the world responded (to the news more than the tweet) with both fanfare and hater-ation. I even heard someone bring up this nonsensical notion of Jay securing his place in the Illuminati by using Samsung to track people. Don’t they know the NSA already did that?

But regardless of the opinion on Jay’s new business deal, we all should be celebrating because Mr. Carter is not the anomaly, he is the possibility. And we all, yes you and I included, have the ability to be game changers in our own lives and careers. Let me leave you with three things that we can all do to be our own Jay Z:

1.     Master What You Love

So many of us are living in mediocrity and wondering why we are not going to the next level. Master what you love! It doesn’t matter if it is music, business, school, relationships or parenting. Immerse yourself in information about not just the what, but the how of what you love. Practice your gift without ceasing and perfect it. You will manifest in your mastery what you only dream of in your mediocrity.

2.     See Beyond What Makes Sense; Envisioning What You Want To Exist & Create It

Many of us don’t do better because we don’t envision better. Why have a dream that makes sense? Push to create what others can’t see, others can’t imagine, and others won’t work to build. Successful people go where others can’t because they see what others won’t.

3.     Be Strategically Fearless

Don’t jump out of the plane without a parachute, but after you have packed, tested, and re-packed the chute, JUMP. Look in the face what terrifies YOU and fight it. Nothing is wrong with the fear. Don’t get me wrong, but it is how we deal with it. Go hard and scare the hell out of what is trying to kill you…FEAR.

You were created to walk in excellence and through mastery, vision, and we will not just be reading about Jay Z, but about you.

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