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As expected, no news in Washington. The hopeful and optimistic wish for bipartisanship in Congress came crashing back into reality on Wednesday when the Senate voted down the gun control bill that was to expand background checks for gun sales, closing loopholes on gun shows and private sales. President Obama called the non-action on this issue by Congress a ” shameful day ” in Washington.

Despite a hard push by the President and emotional pleas from the families of the victims of Newtown, Republican Senators chose to cover their political hides instead of vote on a measure that 90% of the American public has agreed with. Pressure from the National Rifle Association obviously had greater influence than the grieving mothers of the children murdered in Connecticut.

The Presidebt and gun control advocates knew this would not be an easy lift, but becaue a bipartisan bill was crafted by a Republican and a Democratic Senator, there was renewed hope that some type of legislation making it harder for criminals to buy guns would pass. A visitor in the Senate gallery today echoed the President’s sentiments, yelling “Shame On You” from the balcony of the Senate Chamber.