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Racism found its way onto a Long Island, New York golf course last week after a white golfer went berserk, yelled the N-word at two black golfers, attacked one of the black players with a golf club, and then threatened to stab him.

The reason for the unprovoked racial attack: The black players apparently weren’t playing golf fast enough.

Grant Smith, 48, who is white, shouted at the black golfers, accusing them of not having proper golf etiquette.  He used the N-word three times while yelling at the black men at the White Course at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow.

“I said, ‘if you were courteous, I would have allowed you to go through, but after this, no,’” one of the black golfers told NBC 4 New York. “After the third one, he grabbed his club … came up to us and swung the iron and hit my buddy in the leg.”

The impact broke the head off the club, and police said Smith then threatened to stab the men with the broken club.

Smith was arrested at his home in Long Beach and charged with two counts of assault and hate crime menacing. He pleaded not guilty in court last week and is being held on $50,000 bond. A judge also issued orders of protection for the two attacked golfers.

Smith thinks he’s not guilty of what? Not guilty of using the N-word? Not guilty of racism? Not guilty of assault?

Good luck with that.

This kind of premeditated bigotry is particularly troubling. It’s bad enough that African Americans are forced to file racial discrimination suits for injustices in the workplace, housing and public schools, but now two black men, 66 and 65 years old, can’t even play a relaxing game of golf without being called the N-word and attacked by a lunatic who wanted to speed up his golf game on the third hole.

COMMENTARY: White Golfer Goes Nuts, Attacks Black Golfers Then Threatens to Stab Them  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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