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After listening to Fox News’ interview with former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Sunday, one has to wonder what he’s been doing since November. In his first national TV appearance since the 2012 Presidential election, Romney hasn’t seemed to grasp why he & his wife Ann are not occupying the home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. Romney, without using the “47% term”, basically found another elaborate way to infer that the President won because he had “freebies” for those who voted for him, saying he underestimated how “attractive” the President’s proposed policies looked to voters.

One reason it’s obvious Romney still doesn’t get it is because again, he only talks to Fox News, a failed tactic throughout his Presidential campaign. At some point, the Romneys will figure out that mainstream America does not feast on Fox News. The Romneys clearly remain bitter about the loss, with Mrs. Romney going as far as blaming the media for not allowing the nation to get to know the “real” Mitt Romney. He told Fox News reporter Chris Wallace that his “47%” was his biggest blunder, but that his words were somehow “twisted” and that what he said is not what he meant.

Romney said he wasn’t in position to give advice to the Republican Party on which way to go forward since he failed to win the White House, but it was clear to anyone watching that regardless to the wishes of a majority of the American people who voted to move forward with the vision President Obama campaigned on, Romney and the Republican Party just will not get on board. Not even for the sake of the country.