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Even though it has been a tumultuous past year or so for multi-talented singer, songwriter and super-producer Ryan Leslie, he appears to still be on the road to triumph.

After breaking onto the scene with two successful albums, developing an international cult following and even a bit of heartbreak along the way, he took a hit just recently after being ordered to pay up on a hefty amount of cash to the German man who filed a lawsuit against Leslie upon returning the singer’s stolen property.

What started as a $20,000 cash prize for Leslie’s lost backpack, a laptop and important files on a backup hardrive containing completed and unfinished music, turned into a $1 million reward, but seemingly things got twisted somehow for both parties involved. (To get the full back story, see Ryan Leslie Must Pay link below.)

Now the Leslie has responded publicly and onstage during a recent concert further explaining his stance on the entire ordeal. He burns a copy of the New York Post which declared him a “rap weasel” in the scandalous situation that could easily turn many against him, but of course, being one of the smarter cookies in the jar of infamous musicians caught up in a bit of drama, he’s using this time to go even harder.

Check it out below to find out what he had to say about the court trial, how it all began, the lawsuit, the verdict and certainly, but most importantly, the music. We still wish him the best no matter what happens.


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