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From the State Board of Elections: 

Richmond, VA – TheState Board of Elections (SBE) is aware that some press reports have erroneously stated that in-person absentee voting has been cancelled throughout the Commonwealth today. That is false. A majority of the general registrar offices are open today and ready for in-person absentee voters. It is true that several general registrar offices are closed today, including many in northern Virginia.


SBE is updating a list of closures and openings as information becomes available. Please visit this link for the latest on what offices are open and closed: http://www.sbe.virginia.gov/EmergencyClosings.html


If information is not available for a particular locality, we encourage eligible voters who wish to vote today to call their local registrar’s office directly to determine if they are open or closed. There is a link from www.SBE.Virginia.gov with contact information for each individual office. Voters should click on the “Want to Contact your local General Registrar?” link for that information.


SBE will be providing additional information regarding Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the electoral process as it becomes available.

In-person absentee voting available through Saturday, November 3, 2012 at your local registrar’s office. Again, visit the State Board of Elections website for registrar localities at www.sbe.virginia.gov