With the first of three Presidential debates now in the books, and challenger Mitt Romney basking in the glow of his perceived pounding of President Obama, the pundits had a field day with the notion that Romney’s victory was because of his take-charge, aggressive style. In fact, most felt it was a truly un-Obama like performance, coupled with a poor job of moderating by PBS icon Jim Lehrer, who basically allowed Mitt Romney to run the debate and call the shots.   Romney even informed Lehrer that if elected, he would pull funding of his network, thus rendering Lehrer out of work.

The biggest question, did the win in the first debate change anything in terms of enticing voters to change their minds? Romney again changed positions on several issues, which has become a staple of his campaign, and many felt the President was simply being coy in allowing Romney to talk and make all kinds of statements contrary to his prior positions. But most felt Obama just did not step up and take on the many false and misleading statements made by the former Governor.

Or was this a strategic performance by Obama that will bear fruit in one of the two remaining debates ahead between the two nominees. There is no question that Romney left enough openings for the President to drive an 18-wheeler through, but for some reason, the President took the high road in the first debate. Earlier on Thursday, the President was back on the campaign trail, spirited and energized, a total contrast to the Barack Obama who appeared at Wednesday’s debate.

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