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Former Los Angeles Prosecutor Chris Darden, who was involved in the now infamous O. J. Simpson murder trial back in 1995 has asserted that Simpson’s now-deceased defense attorney Johnnie Cochran may have tampered with evidence during the trial, in particular, the glove that Simpson was accused of wearing on the night of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

Some 17 years later Darden says that Cochran somehow “manipulated” the gloves that were allegedly worn by the former NFL star as he committed the double-murder. Simpson of course, walked away a free man after being acquitted in a trial that seemed to turn after the defendant tried on the glove in court, which clearly did not fit OJ’s hand several months later following rigorous testing and evaluation. It was the late Cochran whose words still ring clear today when he told the jury “If it doesn’t fit, you MUST acquit”.

Darden says he was later informed by a court baliff that Cochran and his team had possession of the glove for at least an hour on that day of the trial. He believes that the interior lining of the glove was manipulated so that Simpsons fingers could not fit all the way in. Many of the other attorneys who worked on the Simpson case say this is the first they have heard of this theory and one of Simpson’s defense lawyers, Alan Dershowitz, says Darden’s claim is total “fabrication”.

When asked why he never filed a grievance with the California State Bar about his assertions, Darden says there would have been a “whiny little snitch” label attached in light of the prosecution losing such a high profile murder trial.