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The Obamas, who’ve been married for over 19 years, sat for a meal with the winners of the 2012 President’s Dinner Contest earlier this month and opened up about their personal and family lives.

In a video just released by the president’s campaign, President Obama reveals that he had a secret motive in mind when planning his first date with Michelle, who was then his supervisor at a Chicago law firm.

“I took her to the Art Museum at the Art Institute, I was trying to impress her, to show her I was a real culturally sensitive guy. And it worked!”

“It worked!” the first lady chimes in.

“Just trying to give a tip for the young men out there,” the president says, smiling at the camera.

In 2009, Michelle Obama discussed her first impression of Barack in a 2009 interview with CNN (“This guy’s gotta be kinda weird”) and that he was “cuter than I thought he’d be.”

After the art museum, Barack took Michelle to a showing of Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.” “Probably, by the end of that date, it was over. I was sold,” the first lady gushed.